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Doing Good. For Good.

The US waste disposal industry dumps 66 billion pounds of food into landfills annually. And, landfills are responsible for one-third of all methane emissions in the US. Reducing landfill usage produces significant environmental, social, and economic benefits.

At ShurGreen Farms, we believe there is a better way. Our philosophy is a zero waste to landfill solution for the food industry.

Here are the core principles of our zero-landfill policy:

  1. Preserving and maintaining our environment is the best sustainable practice now and for future generations

  2. Recycling unavoidable food waste and diverting it from landfills is the best long-term solution

  3. Reducing landfill waste and organically recycling enhances our ecological footprint

  4. Properly executed, organic recycling can be a profit center

  5. Organic recycling is best for your business, best for the bottom line


Our organic recycling programs include these 4 products:

  • Energy production into renewable energy

    1. Anaerobic processes that break down organic materials for use in

      1. Ethanol

      2. Biogas

      3. Biofuels

  • Crop nutrition from wet solids

    1. Collect wet solids that are suitable for crop nutrition used to nourish and grow crops

  • The animal feed from the recycled organic byproduct

    1. Repurpose nutrients from properly approved materials

  • Product destruction recycled into composting

    1. Similar to backyard composting just on an industrial scale