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  • ShurGreen to Add Solid Fuel Combustion System

    ShurGreen Farms is installing an industrial solid fuel combustion burner that yields low-cost, environmentally-sound, renewable, carbon-neutral fuels. The ONIX Corporation manufactures industrial solid fuel combustion burners rated to a maximum of 120 million Btu/hr. ​ These solid fuel systems can operate on multiple alternative fuel materials, yielding fuel costs of below $1.00/MM Btu. Including (but not limited to) • corn/corn cobs • dried peat moss • dried wood chips • horse manure • paper They reduce the threat of transmissible diseases, including highly pathogenic avian influenza (bird flu), swine flu, and other biosecurity issues. ​ The ONIX Corporation offers a full line of industrial solid fuel combustion burners rated to a maximum of 120 million Btu/hr. These cyclonic burners offer a renewable energy alternative with clean emissions that rival natural gas burner emissions. The staggering response time of these burners can control many fragile industrial operations, such as dryers, boilers, rotary kilns, and industrial air heaters. The combustion of solid fuel yields way to a world of low-cost, environmentally-sound, renewable carbon-neutral fuels. Existing fossil fuel burners can be retrofitted to enable industries to burn gas, liquid, or solid fuels. ​ About the ONIX Corporation The ONIX Corporation is a world-leading manufacturer of rotary drum dryers, alternative fuel systems, and green energy solutions.

  • ShurGreen To Add Biosecurity Truck Fleet Washing System

    ShurGreen Farms is installing a fleet truck washing biosecurity system that will thoroughly clean the undercarriage, wheels, chassis, tractor, and trailer of the vehicles and then thoroughly apply a sanitizer to the sides and undercarriage of the vehicle. Viruses such as HPAI and swine fever have the ability to devastate the industry, regardless of whether or not a facility is directly impacted by positive cases. In a report from the USDA, it was shown that “disease events can impact related industries even if the disease has no direct effect.” This places a soaring demand on implementing superior protection measures. We depend on transportation vehicles and need them to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected against what could be an extremely expensive loss. ​ Transportation fleets that don’t follow a stringent cleaning process could play a direct role in furthering outbreaks, leading to trade restrictions and loss of income across all facilities. Proper biosecurity systems in place help prevent the spread of disease and shorten the length of time disease is spread. ​ About Hydro-Chem Systems At Hydro-Chem Systems, we help private fleet owners, municipalities, schools, farms, manufacturers, and mobile washers across North America clean their vehicles at the lowest cost per wash. We work hard to keep our clients’ maintenance minimal and their cost-per-wash low by manufacturing high-quality, extremely effective fleet & industrial cleaning detergents and equipment.

  • ShurGreen Adds a Baker-Rullman Triple-pass Rotary Drum Dryer

    Triple-Pass Technology Baker-Rullman Triple-Pass Technology remains the superior dehydration system by optimizing operating costs, efficiency, and end-product consistency. ​ STEP 1 Wet material enters the inner cylinder, propelled through the system via a hot gas air stream. The material is continuously lifted by the cylinder flights and showered through the concurrent stream of hot gases. The three full-length interlocked concentric cylinders rotate together designed for the highest velocity in the inner pass. As lighter particles quickly lose 60% of their moisture and move out of the cylinder, heavier, denser particles are retained until they lose 60% of their moisture. ​ STEP 2 Particles graduate to the next cylinder only when they have shed enough of their moisture to be carried out. Progressively larger diameters of the cylinders cause the velocity to decrease with each subsequent pass. In this section, the partially evaporated particles are handled more gently, again only graduating to the next pass when they have shed the proper amount of moisture. ​ STEP3 Because of the earlier retention time in the first two passes, the material is relatively uniform by the time it makes it into the gentle third pass. This means the product is guarded against over-drying or under-drying and ensures the optimum use of heat while producing a consistently high-quality end product. ​ Equipment Advantages Baker-Rullman’s energy-efficient, high-performance rotary dryers have developed a global reputation in ultimate reliability. Here are some key factors that have contributed to this unequaled record of dependable equipment Full-Length Cylinders - All three cylinders in the Baker-Rullman triple-pass dryer system are full-length, giving the customer the maximum effective length and residence time in the smallest possible package. Drive Components - The drum dryer drive arrangement uses engineering class bushed-roller chain and sprockets, specifically designed for this type of drive application. Trunnion Rollers - Our trunnion rollers are made from Class 50 cast iron with a minimum roller face hardness of 270 BHN. The inboard tapered roller bearings, which have a ‘B-1-’ life of 15 years, allow the roller to rotate around our stationary roller shaft supported by our hold-down pillow blocks. Baker-Rullman has proven this to be more reliable than the smaller diameter roller with an integral cast shaft system offered by our competition. Drum Tires - Baker-Rullman drum tires are designed and manufactured significantly different from those used by other vendors. Each tire is hot forged from a single billet of AISI 1025 teel, then finish machined. There is no weld seam, and the steel grain structure is oriented for greater wear resistance and strength. It is forged into a “T” cross-section instead of the usual rectangular bar cross-section other vendors generally supply using rolled and welded bar stock. Product Advantages Baker-Rullman’s triple-pass dryer design remains the most trusted dehydration technology for optimizing operating costs, efficiency, and product consistency. High BTU efficiency - Better heat utilization created by longer residence times, robust temperature control, and drum insulation allow the Baker-Rullman triple-pass rotary drum dryer to achieve efficiencies better than 1,500 BTUs per pound of water evaporated. Consistent evaporation - Baker-Rullman’s triple-pass dryer design protects your product from under or over-drying. Heavier, wetter product moves slower than fine particles, giving uniform drying to all particles. That’s why our rotary dryers have long been known for protecting the protein value of food by-products and the integrity of all types of material. Reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.) emissions - V.O.C. emissions can cause pollution problems and restrict your production rates. Heat utilization in a Baker-Rullman system is superior to that of the other rotary drum dryers by virtue of the triple-pass rotary dryer design, eliminating unnecessary V.O.C. emissions. A properly sized and tuned system suited to your input volume is the key to planning an efficient system, and Baker-Rullman engineers are dedicated to accomplishing these goals with each and every installation

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  • Total Logistics Services | Truck Fleet | ShurGreen Farms

    WHY SHURGREEN FARMS ​ Total Logistics Services Strategically creating a waste streaming logistics program that is efficient, compliant , secure, and adds to your bottom line is a challenge. That is where ShurGreen Farms lends a helping hand, bringing value with their “been there, done that” expertise. We have created and managed successful programs for many companies like yours. There are recycling waste companies that have trucks and trucking companies that haul recyclable waste. ShurGreen is both, with the expertise to help you better understand complex waste stream management. It is also safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective to go with a total source provider like ShurGreen. Our truck fleet is wholly owned by the company. ​ We use the latest technology, including on-site placed containers equipped with telemetrics cameras with load-sensing technology that notify us when a pick-up is needed. No need for you to monitor and contact ShurGreen for a pick-up; we have that covered. We are headquartered in West Central Ohio with access to hundreds of cities, home to countless manufacturing and industrial centers.

  • Organic Waste Recycling | ShurGreen Farms

    COMMERCIAL ORGANIC WASTE RECYCLING We recycle pre-consumer commercial food waste and packaging into renewable energy, crop nutrition, and non-ruminant animal feed. LEARN MORE arrow pointing down to the content on the page NATURAL SOLUTIONS TRANSPORT MARKETS SERVED About ShurGreen Farms ShurGreen Farms is a commercial organic waste recycling company. Located in the heart of the Midwest, ShurGreen has immediate access to hundreds of local markets and the ability to scale with our customers. Our end-to-end organic waste recycling solutions simplify sustainability and help businesses turn problems into profits! LEARN MORE Markets Served Pet Foods Frozen Foods Fresh Foods Dairy Canned Goods Soups Condiments Baked Goods Commercial Meats Beverages Liquid Sludge Packaging Final Market Applications 1 Animal feed from the recycled organic byproduct 2 Crop nutrition from solid waste 3 Certified Product Destruction How ShurGreen Farms Creates Value Leadership Total Logistics Transport Access Compliance Single Source Organic 360 Rendering Process 4 3 5 2 1 Product Pick Up Staged trailers with remote sensors and/or tote systems are delivered and dedicated to your facility Transport Using a fleet of diversified trucks and trailers or direct ship through rail we handle logistics from your facility to ShurGreen Arrive at ShurGreen The trailer is scaled on-site, contents unloaded with the sample taken, and analyzed, sealed, and verified. Product Delivery Repurposed byproducts are transported for the final application. Process & Sorting Material unloaded, separated, and sorted into packaging, liquids, and solids for rendering into final product Animal Feed Crop Nutrition Renewable Energy Product Destruction Packaging Liquids Solids

  • Careers | Shurgreen Farms

    ABOUT US ​ Your New Career Starts Here Think you've got what it takes to work for ShurGreen Farms? If so, we want to talk to you. As an established player in the renewable energy industry, our opportunities and career paths for growth are truly endless. We are proud of our company and the environment we offer our team members. We hope you will consider ShurGreen Farms for the next step in your career. ​ ​ ​ Why Work for ShurGreen? Family-owned and operated - meaning your decision-makers are right at the facility Emerging fast-growing market with room for career growth If you are a truck driver, you can be home every night with the option of working overtime ​ Our current openings. Come join us! ​ Truck Driver Job Category: Hourly Location: Ansonia, Ohio Schedule : 40 hours weekly, flexible schedule Description : ShurGreen Farms, LLC., is looking to hire a licensed truck driver who will be responsible for the safe and timely pickup and delivery of goods from our customers and delivery back to our facilities... READ MORE OTR Truck Driver Job Category: Hourly Location: Ansonia, Ohio to Clinton, Iowa Schedule : Year-round work at 40 hours per week on average Description : ShurGreen Farms, LLC., is looking to hire a licensed truck driver responsible for the safe and timely pickup and delivery of goods from our customers in Clinton, IA, and returning to Ansonia OH... READ MORE

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