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Case Study 1

Case Study:

Holistic Services For Pet Food Manufacturer

Challenge: A national dog food manufacturer located in the Midwest was looking for a single-source waste stream partner. They had a traditional landfill waste and trash recycler, but couldn’t find a consistent provider to manage their wet extruder waste.

Solution: Replacing multiple single-purpose providers with one single-source waste stream partner is what this national dog food manufacturer did when they chose ShurGreen as their partner. ShurGreen Farms designed an organic waste recycling program that not only met their practical needs but also supported their sustainability vision.

ShurGreen Farms was able to provide this manufacturer with a custom solid and wet waste solution that included a 24/7 transport system, with expedited pickups based on load-fill sensors that alert ShurGreen when bins are filled and ready for pickup. To transfer waste to the bins, ShurGreen also instituted a program that enabled the manufacturer to categorize, isolate, and effectively transport waste in totes, which are regularly monitored, washed, and sanitized by ShurGreen.

Results: With ShurGreen Farms’ forward-thinking solutions in place, this national dog food manufacturer was able to turn its waste stream cost center into a profit center. Organic waste that would have ended up in a landfill is instead being converted into usable resources like methane gas and omnivore feed. Now, this manufacturer has one partner to handle it all, including wet extruders. ShurGreen solved the problem and is helping them stay compliant while they meet and exceed their corporate sustainability goals.

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