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ShurGreen Farms is an Organic Recycling Company.
We take pre-consumer unused human and pet food plus packaging destined for landfills and efficiently recycle them into high-quality, useful end products such as renewable energy, crop nutrition, and non-ruminant animal feed as well as repurposed packaging.

Our environmentally responsible process offers our customers a new revenue stream as well as a partner to support their corporate sustainability and operational efficiency goals.

The US waste disposal industry dumps 66 billion pounds of food into landfills annually. And, landfills are responsible for one-third of all methane emissions in the US. Reducing landfill usage produces significant environmental, social, and economic benefits.

At ShurGreen Farms, we believe there is a better way. Our philosophy is a zero waste to landfill solution for the food industry.

Here are the core principles of our zero-landfill policy:

  1. Preserving and maintaining our environment is the best sustainable practice now and for future generations

  2. Recycling unavoidable food waste and diverting it from landfills is the best long-term solution

  3. Reducing landfill waste and organically recycling enhances our ecological footprint

  4. Properly executed, organic recycling can be a profit center

  5. Organic recycling is best for your business, best for the bottom line

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ShurGreen Farms process delivers these 3 products from rendered byproducts.  

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Animal feed from the recycled organic byproduct
integrating organic residuals into ruminant livestock feed approved materials.
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Crop nutrition from solid waste
Rendering wet solids that are suitable for nutrition used to nourish and grow crops
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Energy into renewable energy
Anaerobic processes that break down organic materials for use in:
  • Ethanol

  • Biogas

  • Biofuels


Led by the Kremer family, ShurGreen Farms boasts a holistic organization with a full complement of industry expert partners.

Total Logistics

ShurGreen Farms is a trucking and organic recycling company delivering efficiency, safety, and cost-effective project ownership.


We are a regional, local, and dedicated 3PL trucking company. We own a full-service fleet of dry vans and other state-of-the-art fleet vehicles and support services.


We sit in the heart of the Midwest near Ansonia, Ohio with immediate access to hundreds of local markets and the ability to scale with our customers.


Our knowledge and proactive management of tax and regulatory requirements will help you stay compliant to avoid charges from local government.

Single Source

From our Midwest Ohio facility to our wholly-owned fleet of trucks and on-site recovery, ShurGreen Farms offers comprehensive single-source organic materials recycling solutions.